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Re: [f-cpu] last word about license ;-) was Re: encore une couche (was: Re: [f-cpu] License issues GPL/LGPL andJuergen Goeritz' SoC)

Seed trees, not war!


On Sat, 22 Sep 2001, Michael Riepe wrote:
> BTW: Since almost everybody on this planet seems to be preparing for
> war (some also call it "justice"), I've been thinking about some usage
> restrictions.  I don't want my work to control a cruise missile that
> kills thousands of people.  IMHO, the freedom to use the F-CPU can not
> be infinite.  It must end at the point where F-CPU users actively take
> away other people's freedom to live (or any other freedoms / personal
> rights -- free speech, privacy, and so on).  The GPL is a little too
> "blue-eyed" with respect to that.

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