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Re: (FC-Devel) CVS repository

In message <6054241406041999/A07679/ADVAX1/11D433983400*@MHS>, 
 chris.m.moore@gecm.com writes:
>Hi peeps,
>Do we have one and if so how can I get an account?

Yes, it lives on cvs.seul.org. You get an account by mailing freecase@seul.org
and telling them what you're interested in doing, and then one of them forwards
it to me saying I should make an account for you.

>I thought we were going to use cvs.seul.org but when I followed the instructio
>on their web page, I got no reply. :(

Which instructions did you follow? (I assume you mean the www.seul.org page)

>Chris Moore
>Ps thanx for the OCD Andrey.  I'll comment soon.