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Re: (FC-Devel) Implementing FreeCASE

Hi, Joacim! 

>>>>> "JP" == Joacim Persson writes:

JP> The way I see it, the project could be viewed as consisting of a few
JP> main parts, that at least initially could be developed separately: 1. A
JP> frontend (the user interface) 2. A repository (there are work in
JP> progress on this I believe?)  3. A reverse-engineering unit (this can
JP> be a /lot/ of work I think -- someone with good skills in
JP> compiler-construction ought to start looking into it)
JP> 4. Code-generation (performed by each `FC-object' visualised in the
JP> frontend) and perhaps a 5. Metrics generator (this could be completely
JP> separate from the others; there are also free metrics report generators
JP> available...well, at least one)

You've got the idea right.  I'm working currently on the repository.  See
my site for details present (not too much now :(  )

JP> I would like to start working with the frontend right away [well,
JP> that's the easiest part =), but it also good for the moral to have a
JP> prototype, something to try out ideas about the user interface with]

JP> Does anyone have any code for a frontend?  A stub, a test, anything?

Take a look on list archives.  There were several references to the present 
code.   Just from the top of my head (and bookmark list ;):

Argo/UML (java, but definitely, *worth* looking)

Dia - A gtk+ based diagram creation program,

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