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(FC-Devel) Re: Concept Oriented Design

Hi Chen, hi all,

Chen Ofek wrote:

> Danny Werner wrote:
> > This message is just to let you know that your audience is still
> > there. I like your discussion. I just did not get into it earlier
> > because of the mixed feelings I have towards expanding the
> > project scope.

> I think that a project like that should have the highest target we could
> think of. After we have that target in mind, we should think of the steps
> (simple steps) to get there.
> If you have a target in mind then all the work is more ordered.

Yep. If we can agree on the target, this narrows the scope and
the chances that we are actually going to produce something
At the start of your discussion though, I wasn't yet confident of
converging character of the discussion. By now I see that the target
clear thanks to your (and Thomas's) contributions. 

> > Though I feel that LOP (logic oriented programming a.k.a. prolog,
> > PROgramming in LOGic) is a far richer and more elegant approach
> > than OOP, I doubt that it will attract enough fans to make it
> > the way of thinking of a distributed development team just yet.
> > A PC-like softwareBUS such as CORBA is the icing on that cake.
> > All (just) means to aid _structuring_ large piles of code, easily
> > modelled in prolog (Why is there OCL? Why is prolog part of some
> > CASE-tools? I think it is closer to the _substance_ of
> > problem solving.)
> I don't have experience with LOP. I wonder how it fits our CASE tool.I
> think that we should take this direction into account, if we can
> generate a Prolog program
> out of a design with Conceptual Graphs it would be nice.

I'll take this one as an assignment :-) 

Have fun,