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Re: (FC-Devel) core design + project steps]

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Dr. Thomas Fricke wrote:

> > But now I have a problem of all concepts have the same scope, so I need
> > something like name space. which is not implemented.
> To be solved later...


> > - use GEF (the graph editor framework from uci) to implement conceptual
> > graphs.
> For practical reasons.

Of course, although I think they have a usefull component, it nice to port it
to C++ (maybe with GTK+)

> > - implement code generation (either in argo/UML or directly from
> > Conceptual Graphs) so that we can bootstrap our project (as I suggested
> > earlier)
> >
> I see argo/UML more as a viewer, but I need a closer look. The code should
> be generated in the CG part.

argo has basic code generator, maybe we can enhance it.

> I will have to buy some more memory for my Linux system... I is not a
> principal, only a practical problem... If we could decide to use pure
> Java, we can save all above the JVM. If we decide to use C++, we need
> some
> viewing code.

I am using 32M on my Linux box. I hope it will enough.


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