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(FC-Devel) RE: DBs vs CVS

> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> -- ------------------------------------------------ Last version (6.4) is
> the first one working with Win NT but not all features are available. I
> think that the best solution is to switch to Linux.

Hmm, although I would agree that it is the best solution, it is 
unfortunately not possible. None of the machines I can use at the 
moment are mine to change. Also I think that we should stick to 
the goal of supporting Win32. It would widen the tools potential 
user base & usefullness a lot, and it really shouldn't be that 
difficult. If they can port Apache to NT then we should be able to 
design a CASE tool from the ground up that supports it :)

> PostgreSQL Data Base Management System (formerly known as Postgres, then
> as Postgres95).
> Copyright (c) 1994-7 Regents of the University of California


Can someone that understands licenses tell us whether it would be 
legal to link a copy of a GPLed program with it then? IA *certainly* 
NAL :)


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