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(FC-Devel) Re: A troubling thought and some questions/suggestions


> (I MAY BE writing all this because of lack of my knowledge 
> as I have joined late and have gone through only few of the 
archived mails
> and discussions. If so, please forgive me.)

No, I think that you are absolutely correct. Unfortunately I am going 
on holiday in about 2 hours, so I can't make a list of things that 
have been resolved/need to be resolved. Let me start things off 
though with an initial list (these are all off the top of my head, and 
could be wrong):

Methodology support:			Agreed, UML only (correct ?)
Use Argo:						? (I vote yes)
Language for repository server:	? (I vote C or C++)
CVS/Postgres:					? (For a prototype, I vote CVS)
Repository-interface coms:		Agreed, TCP/IP (correct ?)
Data formats:					?


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