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RE: Re : RE: (FC-Devel) Status of Development

>> 2. Who is working on what,

Here are the team leaders.

Requirements : Nobody
Architecture : Andrey
Development : Chris ?
Delivery : Nobody

Any volonteers ?

I'll volunteer for requirements.

>> and how does someone wishing to contribute begin?

I will add a How_to_Contribute page on the web site. Later, you should ask 
your team leader. If you don't have the answer, ask myself.

>The only requirements I've seen are The Functional Requirements on Andrey's

>page.  Is this the one we're using?  If so, I'll start from there and flesh

>them out.

The requirements page should be extended to detail the current ideas.

>> 3. The two responses that I received indicated that two people are 
>> on the same area (repository) with different methods.  Are we going to 
>> up with two repositories?

Later, each package will be assigned to one person who is responsible of its
 internal cohesion. Andrey is responsible for the repository and anybody who
 wish to contribute should take care of that. It seems natural to have one 
repository base on the CORBA specification.

>I'm the same.  I've looked for a long time.  I'd hate to see this one die.

This project won't die. I have a strong will to make FreeCase a successful 
software. It will succeed, no doubt about that.

>Have we agreed that we are using ArgoUML as a basis?  Do we agree that we
>are using Java as the GUI?  

First things first : let's start from the IDL interfaces from the UML 
specification. Then if ARGO complies to our requirements, reuse as much code
 as possible. When this is ok, let's work either on the interface or the 

It's nice to see that many people wish to contribute so let's write a good 
piece of code !


FreeCase Project Coordinator