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Re: (FC-Devel) Status of Development

On  2 Feb, Alexander V.Didytch wrote:
> Mamoun Alissali wrote:
>>   The main concern of the group for the moment is to establish full
>> requirements.
>> The wohas not progressed for a while but it is restarting, it seems to me.
> Yes it is. Right now we are forming a group for writing/reviewing a Concept of Free
> Case.
> Than we will use the Concept for System Architecture/System Requirement Specification
> and from my IMHO only then it would be possible to talk on Versioning subsystems,
> repository, drawing tools and other bla-bla-bla.. How could we write a Case tool that
> should automate a development process in other (hacking) way ? 
> I hopes that the first version of concept would be ready within a few weeks.

*sigh* Just as I thought - more committees. We are not going to get
*anywhere* until we have some code. You can plan all you like but
nothing will come of it except more and more planning. We need
something that people can kick the tyres on *NOW* not in a couple of
months. As I keep saying the planning is fine and admirable and all
that - and I am all for it, but we need code and we need it now.