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(FC-Devel) Specs for FreeCASE 0.0.0 (prototype 1)

Lindsay speaks from rich experience and observation
when he says: "we need code and we need it now."

Alexander quotes one of the nicest books I've read recently
(Death March by Ed Yourdon, yes that one) but I don't
share his fears.

Chris hit a nice spot saying: "Even code that isn't used or
documentation that no-one else agrees with are valuable!"
Sami agreed and Dean said:  
"If someone wants to start producing code, let's go for it."

Well, I'm not much of a coder, but here's my 2c. I hope it helps.

For a first prototype the specs now are way to vague and way to
So for FreeCASE 0.0.0 (or Pt1, for prototype one; I just like Linux
versioning) I'll do a litlle simplification. If somebody finds
I missed an opportunity to simplify, please just improve the specs

===start of specs====

Specs for FreeCASE 0.0.0 (Pt1): As published for 1.0.0, except:

Future (1.0.0)       For now (0.0.0)
support for          support for

multi-user           single user
		     actually: no user-awareness at all.

distributed use      single node
		     (node? What node?)

all of the UML       only the UML-elements that are needed
		     to model "Hello world!" for some

fullfledged UI       just a simple way to acquire the simple model
		     for the reference app (I'll explain later) and
                     display it.

CVS, database,
repository, UXF...   persisters? Wazzat?

multilingual         whatever suits you
                     (national and supported
	             programming language,
	             we have enough multilingual 
                     contributors to have it translated
                     in no time)

source language      Any! Who gets there first wins.
                     Don't count on it that that language
                     will stay. I'll have bad dreams when it
	             is VB, but nevertheless I'll deal with it. 

scripting            none

selfgenerating       hahaha!
multiplatform        single platform
		     Whoever is first, wins.
	             As soon as the other one catches up
                     we are talking 0.0.1 - Ok?

generating code      0.0.2, however simple - Ok?

interpreting code    0.0.3 - Ok?

===end of specs for FreeCASE 0.0.0====

I promised to talk about a reference app.

I think it is a good thing to have a reference app that (in its
exactly uses all of the supported elements in any current FreeCASE

===FeeCASE reference app for 0.0.0 ===
Description: Outputs "Hello world!" to stdout.

Class Diagram:           

    |  sc  |      sc: some language dependent superclass
    |______|          that has a way to throw strings at stdout
       \ /
    |            |  
    |Hello_World |

Used elements:

=end of FeeCASE reference app for 0.0.0 ===
Did I miss something out?
Probably. Feel free to improve, feel free to simplify,
feel free to model FreeCASE 0.0.0 in UML, feel free to code. 
But please please please don't make
it anymore complex until 0.0.0 is up and running.
(Not doing anything very much usefull in itself, I admit.)

Have fun,