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Re: (FC-Devel) UXF

>     Please could you tell me where I can find documentation about UxF.
> Is it a XML dialect to describe class interface ? thank you for help ..=

UXF is basically a lightweight, XML-based format for describing UML =

structures.  It covers class, collaboration and statechart diagrams.  The=
 Web =

site is at


I underscore the word "lightweight".  There are other related standards (=

XMI, RDF, etc.) going through standards bodies, but they are largely huge=
, =

complex, and tied to other meta-data initiatives such as MOF.  UXF is mea=
nt to =

do one job (UML exchange), and do it well.  It is not meant to be a gener=
al =

meta-data repository exchange format, so it's much smaller, cleaner, and =
you =

can understand it at first glance.

-- =

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