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Re: (FC-Devel) Bootstrapping FC

> (I don't partiocularly like Argo (and I dont have java installed...)
> but that is not germane to the issue)

Argo also annoyed me.  It's typically bloated for  Java app.  No I didn't try 
a JIT compiler on it.  Maybe now that they have a new version...

> I think it would be much, much more useful if someone wrote a code
> generator that was independent of other systems and that took as input
> Uxf. If it is done corectly generating different languages should not
> be that hard (and it should be configurable for each language as well).

The redoubtable Lars Marius Garshol is already working on a UxF --> Python 
generator, and I'm working on Python --> UxF.  Mr. Suzuki himself is working 
on C++, and I invite someone to take on Java.

BTW, I am hoping to present on UxF at UML '99, which is in my own fair city of 
Ft. Collins, CO this year.

> BTW I have started revamping my Drumlin system which is a start
> towards a UML editor in tcl/tk. I'll let y'all know when you can pick
> up a useful version.

More code == merrier!


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