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Re: (FC-Devel) Reference app 0.0.0 try 2, UXF

> It seems the reference app needs some tries more before it leads
> to runnable code here. But this gets out of my league but I _do_ 
> recognise things are getting in the right direction. Someone
> C++ versed please help with C++ specific reference app try 3.
> I can't code, I'm _not_ kidding.

Ultimately there is no way you can get runnable code out of a set of
UML diagrams (at least not without adding some "extra" conventions).
There is nothing in UMl that lets you represent actual code, so this is
about as good as it is going to get.

> Lindsay, any idea when you have some publishable code?
> I'm impressed, but you knew that allready :-)

Well, I wrote this on Friday afternoon as a proof of concept so it is
not in particularly great shape. I am about to restructure it and then
I'll have something that people can look at it - in particular the
current version simply reads in the Uxf and parses it and generates the
C++ directly. I am going to rewrite it so that it builds more of an
internal model of the system and then have hooks for generating
different language representations. This week looks pretty busy so it
may be next week before I have anything releasable.