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(FC-Devel) TAO and UML CORE

Hi everybody,

I have changed my mind with the ORB and changed for TAO (don't ask why, it's
just that it seems very efficient and more complete than the others - we'll
see later if we have to change that). I have retrieved the reflective and
uml_core packages from the UML CORBA IDLs ; the stuff compile fine and I'am
now ready to implements the classes. I have choosen Linux because Windoze is
still the programmer's nightmare (I'll seek volunteers later for the

I am glad to see the activity around UXF. Please feel free to add any
information to the web site (thanks Danny for the recent updates).

We are going to celebrate the 100th subscriber to the mailing list very
soon. The current traffic on the web site is around 1000 hits / day or 100
people / day.

I have asked Altavista and www.linux.org registration but got no return yet.

Thanks a lot for your continuous support for FreeCase.

    Sami Ben Grine
    FreeCase Project Coordinator