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(FC-Devel) Argo/UML source available

I have posted the souce code for Argo/UML v0.3.1 to

The java bytecode release has also been updated.

This release is v0.3.1.  I have fixed a few bugs that caused Argo to
slow down after several minutes of use, and to pause when drawing
short associations in a diagram.  Also, I changed the look of the "to
do" item tab to prototype future support for wizards.

I jave compiled v0.3.1 in the following environments:
 + Sun, jdk1.1.6, javac
 + Sun, jdk1.1.5, javac
 + Sun, jdk1.1.5, jikes
 + WinNT, VisualCafe 2.5
 + WinNT, VisualCafe 2.1 (images did not display...)
 + WinNT, jdk1.1.5, javac

Note to UNIX developers: Edit uci/Makefile.config to refer to the
compiler you are using, then type 'make' in the uci directory.

Note to VisualCafe developers: Start a new empty project and set the
project options to include swing-1.0.2/swing.jar in your classpath
before you import the source files.  VisualCafe sometimes complains
about circular references and produce warnings that classes in the UML
meta-model are abstract and cannot be instanciated.  The warning are
apparently false.  Compiling a second time produces no errors.  Also,
earlier versions (v2.0) of VisualCafe's sj compiler crashed with an
internal error on some meta-model classes, to work around this, put
the meta-model classes in a separate project and set project options
to use javac.

Note: If anyone downloaded it between 9pm PST July 1st and 11am PST july 2nd,
you got some of the wrong files, please download again.