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Re: (FC-Devel) FreeCASE_0.0.1 NeedsA ... / let's prove Lawrence wrong

>>>>> "DW" == Danny Werner writes:

DW> At http://www.alt.net/~lk/cathedral-bazaar.html I found a very sensible
DW> email about how not to get Bazaar projects "high on enthusiasm and low
DW> on actually producing something".

Yeah, this is the worst thing, that may happen to the community project.


DW> Let's focus on the requirements for FreeCASE_0.0.1.  This will be
DW> tough.

DW> To paraphrase Joh Mallet http://www.timaru.com/~kiwi/006/ Complete the
DW> following statement:

DW> 		FreeCASE_0.0.1 NeedsA ...

1 Problem statement, describing the problem, we're met
2 Requirements statement, describing the way, we're going to solve the
  problem, stated in 1
3 Requirements specification, which describes the functionality desired,
  the limitation which the product should work under and a glossary of

I've tried to produce those, but, alas, my project is in trouble now :( and 
I have to work on it.  So, if anyone cares to start writing these
documents, I'll participate.  But, unfortunatelly, it seems, I'll be unable 
to write required documents myself within few weeks :(

SY, Andrey V Khavryutchenko	http://www.kbi.kiev.ua/~akhavr

Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from
bad judgment.