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(FC-Devel) [Fwd: Contribution to FreeCase]

I am forwarding this message and code to the list on bahalf
of Thomas.


Dr. Thomas Fricke wrote:
> Hello FreeCase Developers,
> hi Jeff:
> Jeff Wolfe wrote:
> >
> > Wow, I've finally read Eric Raymond's paper "The Cathedral
> > and the Bazaar".  I'm very impressed and suddenly feel
> > empowered!  According to his studies, I have made several
> > key errors.  I apologize for my ignorance on the topic
> > originally.  This is my first project done in this manner.
> > So, let's quickly try to regroup and get on track.
> After visiting some major European Cathedrals, especially the
> from the middle ages, I would say now looking at their history,
> all of them have been built in the bazar way :-)
> > In a bazar model, we are supposed to always start with
> > something.  There really is not much to sart with in this
> > field.  I was hoping to get some help getting this project
> > off the ground to get up to the "something" point.  IMHO, it
> > would be unfortunate if the bazaar model really prevented
> > you from truly starting a project on the net.  Anyway, we
> > now have Argo/UML and that may very well serve as a major
> > step towards our starting point.
> I have attached my something. I hope my intentions can be understood
> from the readme. I would adapt this peace of code, intended to look for
> an alternative to cgi scripts,  to the ARGO/UML viewer on the one hand,
> and may be to cvs on the other hand.  If we can link these parts, we
> need code generation (and later reengineering) and  a document generator
> (starting with HTML for simplicity, later everybody can add his own
> interface).
> >
> > Based on my interpretation, we need to do whatever we can to
> > quickly get to a coding point.  To aid us in this, Pierre is
> > setting up our CVS services so we have a place to store our
> > code.  I believe it will soon have Argo/UML incorporated.
> Are we up now? Where can I find this resource control things ? Shall we
> open another mailing list for code distribution or is it appropriate to
> spread some MB about the existing lists?
> Can we now talk about the possible approaches and derive a realistic
> scope and schedule?
> To be forwarded to the mailing list if my approach is not too exotic.
> Code attached...
> Bye
>         Thomas
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> Thomas Fricke
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