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Re: (FC-Devel) Mailing list arhchive

In message <35983830.8A2FA272@felgroup.creol.ucf.edu>, jwolfe@felgroup.creol.ucf.edu writes:
>Administrative point:
>We are starting to get some very important traffic.  Does
>any one wish to archive this list for us?  How about
>providing me with the scripts/instructions as to how to do
>this easily?  I don't really have time to dig into this on
>my own right now.

Ok, I've added seul@majordomo.seul.org to the list, so it will
automatically mhonarc the list into something readable from the
seul website. I'll let you know when it's actually functional.
I'm going to ignore the previous list messages because I don't have time
to deal. Maybe later.

Also, another administrative point: this list is

If you don't want to type that much, use

The fact that it currently resides on belegost.mit.edu should not
be relied upon.

--Roger (SEUL Sysarch)