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(FC-Devel) AFL 4: Argo dissection

architecture + feature list part 4
> As far as I know, no one has implemented a truely distributed CASE
> tool, other than simply placing a repository on a different host.
> Some tools, like (older versions of?) Software Through Pictures and
> Cyanne's ObjectTeam seem to have a shell application and separate
> applications for diagram editing, code generation, reporting, and
> (limited) model analysis.  However, I think all of these components
> execute on the user's desktop.  Maybe someone in the project knows
> more about these tools?
> >How easily do you think the existing
> >Argo system would fit into that or a
> >similar model? If it doesn't fit well,
> >how easily could it (or rather it's component pieces)
> >be adapted to such a model?

> Argo/UML does not have any persistence mechanism right now,
> so it doesn't matter if it was file based or a UML repository
> server.  In terms of Jeff's architecture diagram, Argo would 
> be a Java GUI model builder.

Well, Jason? Is it dissectable?
(I did not get it running yet because of some stupidities
here, but I was very impressed by the tour and by the GEF-demo's)
BTW, So that's were we start, Jeff?

[..see AFL 5...]
> The implementation might be changed a little to break things apart,
> but not too much because the main features all need direct and
> immediate access to the UML model and the user interface.  For
> example, critics and code generation need to be running on the user's
> desktop to give good interactive response times.  I have just added a
> module dependency diagram to the web site.