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RE: (FC-Devel) Cooperation between FreeCASE and Argo/UML

If we define the interfaces between our components, we are not stuck with
any particular implementation language.   We could integrate Argo/UML into
the overall effort as a sub-system.  That way we get a working product
sooner.  If we find that performance becomes too much of an issue, we can
address that.  However, we can flounder for a very long period if we don't
get something moving.  I think this is the quickest way for us to make


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"Lavergne, Dean" wrote:
> My thoughts on this is that we should attempt some type of merger.  My
> thinking is:
> 1) We are attempting very similar products.
> 2) Looking at FreeCase requirements of multi-platform, Java is the best
> choice for the front end.  Argo/UML is already Java.

  I don't have any official sources, but it seems to me that Java is
heavy on resources and a have a few times lower performances than C++.
If this is true I think we'd better keep our design as independant as
possible from the target language (the same way the CASE itself should
do). Sorry if what I'm saying here is far too obviuos.


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