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[freehaven-dev] meeting sunday, 2pm

agenda, in no particular order:

a) technical overview of the entire project, including details, for
rivest if he shows (yes, that's right, he's planning to go to our
weekly freehaven meeting this week. be prepared to talk about your
part of the project.)
b) what's our directory structure? where do data files go?
c) philosophical aspects
d) i registered sourceforget.net, and pointed it at freehaven.
bonus points if you take as long to spot the pun as i did at first. :)
e) status reports for various subprojects

i would like to avoid c, except i'm going to spend most of the first
chapter of my thesis discussing it, it looks like. so i want to argue
with people about it, or more precisely, get as many perspectives as
i can.

and don't forget that we lose an hour saturday night.