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[freehaven-dev] DIMACS IP Protection Workshop

Yesterday I mentioned that there is a workshop on IP Protection happening
soon. It looks like I was mistaken about the date - it's April 17-18,
*not* April 15 as I had thought. :-(

The program is here :


Particularly interesting 

	* Drew Dean from Xerox PARC on "Divx, DPRM, and SDMI"
	(i.e what went wrong with DivX, and how can we convince people
	to accept 'digital property rights management')

	* Andrew Odlyzko arguing that legal and technical protection of
	copyright will be made irrelevant by market forces ("Netscape did
	not make its source code public because of any deficiencies in
	copyright laws, after all.")
	* John Callas and Bruce Schneier noting that current proposals
	for IP protection may take away rights the user actually has.
	Then if the user tries to exercise these rights by circumventing
	the system, he goes to jail.