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[freehaven-dev] Garfinkle

In light of the (unanswered) invite, I thought I'd forward this...


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authors@mit presents:


Cambridge technology expert, Globe columnist, and MIT grad '87 to speak on
how invasive technologies will affect our lives, as detailed in his new

The Death of Privacy in the 21st Century

Thursday, April 13 at 6:00pm
MIT 10-250
enter at 77 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge
FREE and wheelchair accessible.
Info: 617 253-5249 or authors@mit.edu.

Fifty years ago, in 1984, George Orwell imagined a future in which privacy
was decimated by a totalitarian state that used spies, video surveillance,
historical revisionism, and control over the media to maintain its power.
Those who worry about personal privacy and identity - especially  in this
day of technologies that encroach upon these rights - still use Orwell's
"Big Brother" language to discuss privacy issues. But the reality is that
the age of a monolithic Big Brother is over. And yet the threats are
perhaps even more likely to destroy the rights we've assumed were ours.

Today's threats to privacy are more widely distributed than they were in
Orwell's state, and they represent both public and private interests. Over
the next fifty years, we'll see new kinds of threats to privacy that don't
find their roots in totalitarianism but in capitalism, the free market,
advances in technology, and the unbridled exchange of electronic

"Database Nation by Simson Garfinkel is a graphic and blistering indictment
of the burgeoning technologies used by business, government, and others to
invade the self--yourselves--and restrict both your freedom to participate
in power and your freedom from abuses of power...This book is one that
you're entitled to take very personally."
        -- Ralph Nader

This event is sponsored by authors@mit, a series cosponsored by the MIT
Libraries and The MIT Press Bookstore.

Database Nation is published by O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
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Next event:
Thursday, April 25
Forging Sustainable Communities: How Do We Get Here to There?
a panel discussion with William Shutkin, Greg Watson, and Mark Dowie
cosponsored with the Technoloogy and Culture Forum at MIT
MIT 6-120 at 4:30 PM

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