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[freehaven-dev] meeting sunday 2pm

i've got some new functionality in haven.
i'll describe some of it.

hopefully all the infrastructure is in place for brian and todd to add
in their code without needing anything more from me. i haven't quite
finalized the communications stuff between freehaven and comm (specifically,
i don't wrap it with any armor yet, nor do i unwrap it, etc) and i haven't
figured out how to parse a message from comm and turn a <share> tag into a
<sharefile> (maybe i should put that next on my list), but things are
moving along very well on that front.

anyway. we'll talk more tomorrow. it won't take all that long, don't worry.

i also want to push a bit farther on coming up with formal descriptions of
our operators. i think what seph and david and i came up with last time
was extremely fruitful.