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[freehaven-dev] Comm update

206 w20-575-35:src/comm> comm 5000 5001
Loading configuration options...
Build_tag located tag key='comm_tempfile_incoming' value='tmp.comm.incoming'
Build_tag located tag key='comm_temphavenfile_outgoing' value='tmp.comm.outgoing'
Build_tag located tag key='comm_socket_usec_timeout' value='1000'
Build_tag located tag key='comm_files_directory_root' value='./commfiles'
Initializing node database...
Node DB opened and initialized.
Starting comm probe: incoming port 5000, haven module on port 5001
Comm: connect to haven succeeded to on port 35091
Opening listen socket...setting socket options...binding socket to port 5000
Listening to socket...
Comm: incoming socket from on port 20484, using feeder file ./commfiles/tmp-commfile-SZ9FnR


So the communication module is coming along.  I hope to have 
something up and working by this Sunday, even with some spiffier 
options...we'll see.