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[freehaven-dev] about that 'concensus' thing...

I want to get a sense of who's where on this topic. What are your reactions
to my rhetoric below? ("Who's with me?")

Indeed, there are a number of other deeper motivations for the deployment
of a service like Free Haven. Not only do we hope to assist those like
Helsingius and Johansen, but we have the loftier goals of pushing the
world a few more steps in the direction of free and open information and
communication.  In Germany, Internet Service Providers such as AOL are
legally liable for the content that passes across their systems{\footnote                                                {\tt http://www.usatoday.com/life/cyber/tech/review/crh053.htm}}.
Recent British legislation{\footnote {\tt foo}} makes citizens
liable for encrypted documents that they're holding, even if
they don't possess the ability to read these documents.  Although
revolutionary actions like BroncBuster's defacing{\footnote {\tt
of the website of the China Society for Human Rights Studies (an
organization backed by the Chinese government) are centered around the
Internet, there are a wide range of activist events which are entirely
separate from the Internet, such as the recent protests{\footnote {\tt
in Seattle and Washington DC against global capitalism and corporate
oppression.  By providing tools for organizations fighting for more
rights of individuals rather than nations or corporations, the Free Haven
Project hopes to help pave the way to a modern society where freedom of
speech and freedom of information are integral parts of everyday life.