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[freehaven-dev] Comm Update

Look ma, it does...something...


25 belegost:src/comm> comm 5000 5001
Loading configuration options...
Build_tag located tag key='comm_incoming_directory_root' value='./comm-incoming'
Build_tag located tag key='comm_outgoing_directory_root' value='./comm-outgoing'
Build_tag located tag key='share_directory_root' value='./comm-shares'
Initializing node database...
Node DB opened and initialized.
Starting comm probe: incoming port 5000, haven module on port 5001
Opening listen socket...setting socket options...binding socket to port 5000
Listening to socket...
Comm: attempting haven connection...
Comm: haven connection failed, sleeping 10 sec...
Comm: attempting haven connection...
Comm: connect to haven succeeded to on port 35091
Build_tag located tag key='transaction' value='transmit'
Build_tag located tag key='hPKdest' value='foobar-nodesc'
Build_tag located tag key='desc' value='<max_size>50000</max_size>'
Build_tag located tag key='tradephase' value='one'
Build_tag located tag key='sharenum' value='0'
Build_tag located tag key='hPKclient' value='thisisme'
Build_tag located tag key='sharefile' value='./comm-shares/tmp-sharefile-rA5JBJ'
Transmit: node foobar-nodesc missing PK entry.
Comm: incoming socket from on port 14095, using feeder file ./comm-incoming/tmp-incoming-PDcorN
Comm: reading feeder socket 10
Comm: reading feeder socket 10
Comm: finished reading on feeder socket, written to feeder file ./comm-incoming/tmp-incoming-PDcorN
Comm: sending file ./comm-incoming/tmp-incoming-PDcorN to haven.

 Michael J. Freedman

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