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[freehaven-dev] meeting tomorrow 2pm

some topics to discuss:
* the buddy system - i wonder if we can start classifying attacks on it?
* formalizing the trust model. this may start by beefing up our notion of
  an anonymity model. brian, be ready to describe your requirements,
  operations, etc.
* should i submit an abstract to this thing in berkeley? i probably should.
* i want to toy with the notions of what we want out of a mixnet. can you
  tell i'm on a definition/formalizing spree?
aside: no, no, this formalizing stuff is cool. let me give you an example.
i'm pondering the concept of full anonymity ("ideal" anonymity) vs partial
anonymity. eg, i might claim i've got better than no anonymity if you know
i'm in california but have no idea where past that.
so this idea of partial anonymity leads directly into a mixnet that is
'quantitatively more anonymous' than our current one -- address your packet
to "california", and then let it random walk within the 'california' zone
until it gets to the recipient. that way the only address it ever really has
is 'california', so there's nothing to track, now *or* later. (and besides,
i don't need to bring any mapping to geography into the 'zone' concept...)

i've been on a theory kick the last week.
i suspect i'm going to remain on said theory kick until my thesis is
written. i apologize to those of you who are solely course 6. :)