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[freehaven-dev] Blocks news

Hehe...we're getting to be known as the "protocol" guys?

> http://www.kripto.org/blocks/

> News: As you can see blocks now has 2 logos which are both pretty cool. 
> A big thanks to Benjamin & Erik for those (let me know if you want your 
> full name plastered on the page and I'll start a credits list). Also, I've
> added a new protocol section so that the Freehaven guys can tear Blocks 
> to bits :-) 


>So what anonymity features does it have?

>    NOTE: Please look at the FreeHaven Project at http://www.freehaven.
>net for an excellent description of several approaches to anonymous 
>file sharing systems. They probably wouldnt class Blocks as being very
>anonymous, but it will be interesting to see if we get a mention anyway. 
>I will probably rewrite the rest of this section at somepoint soon. 

Blocks protocol description:


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