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Re: [freehaven-dev] Another distributed project!

On Sat, Aug 19, 2000 at 05:49:55AM -0400, David A Molnar wrote:
> Right under my nose...
> "The World Beyond the Web"
> http://www.deas.harvard.edu/~wbw/wbw-design-99.ps
> is it just me, or is everyone trying to invent the next Web successor
> these days?
> -David
I just looked at their bibliography, and it reminded me of a paper
I wrote a couple years ago for Tom Knight's contemporary computer
design course.


"The example application that I will focus on here is a distributed
virtual world, where users connect from around the world and interact
with the database and each other.  The need for nearby servers is clear,
and it would be convenient for all the servers to share the same database
in order to maintain a coherent world for the users...."

Apparently he really liked it (I got an A+ in the class). My bibliography
is certainly much larger than WBW's...

Which leads me back to my on-topic point: WBW and similar projects have
very little to do with the goals of Free Haven et al, at least until
they start addressing security issues.