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[freehaven-dev] resource allocation and flooding

Hi guys,

If we are going to do a chapter on the subject of flood control and
resource management, then we should start assembling some references.
Then we can make an outline of what we want to cover. 

I am thinking that our references will include
	* Moni Naor (and somebody else) 1991 "Pricing via Processing"
	* Adam Back's "hashcash" 
	* Jakobsson and Juels "Proofs of Work and Bread Pudding" 
	* all the papers they cite (like the one relating proofs of work 
	to program checking)
	* Brainard and Juels "Client-Side Puzzles" 
	* SYN cookies
	* Akamai-style caching

Roger, you mentioned that you knew of some practical efforts

Also, I think I may turn the long-ish e-mail I sent a week or so ago into
my next Crossroads article. That will overlap with this a little bit, 
but will be much shallower.