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[freehaven-dev] List of possible UROP topics

I wrote up a list of possible UROP topics.  


I want to note that these topics are largely from an applied
perspective, rather than ones of theoretical nature.  Obviously, there
are a lot of other theoretical questions to be answered, their
applicability for UROP projects depends solely on students` backgrounds.

We will probably be sending out a general announcement to Anne Hunter in
mid-January, and have a meeting at the end of IAP (late January).

Anyway, the current list is the following.  Suggest, add, or edit to
your heart`s content.

* Implement the current Free Haven design.

* Figuring out the designs for coupling a Free Haven backend onto
  something like Freenet or Mojo Nation, to provide persistent storage
  for some items.

* Implement a generic mix-net simulator.

* Integrating strong anonymity into Freenet or Mojo Nation design, and
  make sure it's done right.

* Implement attacks of systems such as Freenet, to point out
  limitations from accountability/anonymity perspective.  Are the
  attacks we suggest actually feasible?  How easy are they?  How
  sufficient is this whole caching idea?  Can we get some upper bounds
  for traffic analysis?

* Do something with reputation systems for Ibal project at Harvard.

* Further design/implementation for distributed append-only ledger as
  described in mix-acc paper. 

* Work on design/analysis/implementation of Red Rover.  It sounds like
  a good idea for grass-roots end-users, but may currently lack
  technically-savvy designers.