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[freehaven-dev] Attack on timing of trades

There are two nodes, A and B, which trust each other.  A is good, B is
evil.  They're about to do a trade:

A:  "I've got a 1 meg for 1 month share."
B:  "Me too.  Let's swap.  Here's my share."
A:  "OK, here's a receipt saying I've got your share.  And here's
     my share."
B:  "You've got responsibility for my share.  And I haven't given you
     a reciept for yours yet... so you keep both.  Bye!"

It occurs to me that shares should travel back and forth first, and
that receipts should travel in some form of blinding so that they can
only be simultaneously revealed.  (Is that possible?)

Alternately, we expect the above situation, drop B's share on the floor,
broadcast that he's being evil, and take the trust hit for it.