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[freehaven-dev] Open Issues

This is a partial list of issues we haven't resolved far enough to 
produce actual writeups on yet. We may want to discuss some of these
at the next meeting, or else on the list. My personal feeling, though,
 is that producing solid documentation of what we have covered is more
important at this point than hashing out new issues. 

That being written, 

* GUI and Trust Model backend issues
	- We mentioned this but did not discuss it : what level of
	human intervention do we need in our trust management?
	- How best to display trust information?

* Mix-nets are not reliable and drop packets. A lot.
	- How much does this matter?
	- We should go through protocol by protocol and see what 
	- We need stable protocol definitions.
	- Can we fix everything by using timeouts and resends?
	- Look at AX25 and other ham radio packet protocols

* Broadcasts
	- Mike and I will cover some or all of this when we meet. 

	- Who are our adversaries?
	- What can they do?

* When servnet node desides to act and "why". 

* Trust "local minima" and "local maxima"
	- simulated annealing for trust management?
	- we've brought it up a few times, but we need to make it
	more precise before we'll get anything out of it.

* Documentation 
	- who is responsible for what?
	- and what will the docs look like?

Please add stuff I forgot.