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[freehaven-dev] [fubob@MIT.EDU: next topic, the Free Haven Project, Monday Feb 21 4-5pm]

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Subject: next topic, the Free Haven Project, Monday Feb 21 4-5pm
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 22:12:18 EST
From: Kevin Fu <fubob@MIT.EDU>

The Free Haven Project
Monday, Feb 21, 4-5PM

What's a better way to spend your Presidents' Day holiday than by
discussing issues of anonymity and data storage?  Roger Dingledine
will discuss the Free Haven Project.

The Free Haven Project intends to deploy a system that provides a good
infrastructure for stronger anonymity.  Specifically, the publisher of
a given document should not be known; clients requesting the document
should not have to identify themselves to anyone; and the current
location of the document should not be known.  Additionally, it would
be preferable to limit the number of opportunities where an outsider
can show that a given document passed through a given computer.

The design is based on a community of servers (which as a whole is
termed the `servnet') where each server hosts data from the other
servers in exchange for the opportunity to store data of its own in
the servnet. The system is designed to store data without concern for
its popularity or controversial nature.

Possible uses include:

* storing source code or binaries for software which is currently
under legal debate, such as the recent DeCSS controversy or other
software with patent issues

* storing political speech in an anonymous fashion for people afraid
that tying their speech to their public persona will damage their

* even storing more normal-looking data like a set of public records
from Kosovo. 

It is expected that in many cases, interesting material will be
retrieved from the system and published in a more available fashion
(such as normal web pages) in a jurisdiction where such publishing is
more reasonable.


Roger Dingledine (arma@mit.edu) is a graduate student at the Lab for
Computer Science, a former NSA intern, and a self-proclaimed

Kevin E. Fu (fubob@mit.edu)
PGP key: https://snafu.fooworld.org/~fubob/pgp.html

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