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[freehaven-dev] meeting sunday 2pm

same time (2pm), same place (10-280).

things i'd like to cover:

* this mixnet thing. i realize i'm abstracting it out of the picture
in terms of the part that i'll be writing, but i still want to hear
what's up with it. is this 'meeting place' idea really as complex as
i think it is? how much work is going to have to happen before we
have a functional comm module? (very basic functionality...)

* this ui thing. will you be ready to talk about what you're thinking
about doing, todd? it doesn't have to be anything formal, but i want
people to hear your ideas so we can have an idea of what's going to
end up with a frontend and how people will be interacting with it.

* this paperwork thing. most of you (with the exception of seph) are
trying to get something academic-like out of this project. presumably
the aup's have already investigated the deadlines and requirements.
i believe david has a good idea of what he needs to do. i have no idea
what the deal is with urops. i'd like to actually hear what you guys
need to do and are planning to do, what your deadlines are, what you
have to write up, what you intend to write up, etc.

* brian: seph said he was going to help you with the logic for the
trust system. i think the rest of us want to have some input too.
can you write it as a library in C (rather than a standalone process)
or are you going to be writing it in something funky such that you'd
want your own process?

does that give everybody something to prepare? hey nathan, what do you
want to work on? :)

see you guys in a few days.

o btw, the discussion about freehaven that i'm doing for kevin fu has
been moved to *tuesday*, since monday is a holiday.