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[freehaven-dev] AUP Proposal

Please find an initial draft of my AUP proposal at the following:

  http://web.mit.edu/mfreed/Public/Freehaven/AUP-proposal.txt  (.ps)

You can also find my working draft on the Trust model at:
  http://web.mit.edu/mfreed/Public/Freehaven/trust.txt (.ps)

And mixnet API:
  http://web.mit.edu/mfreed/Public/Freehaven/mixnet-API.txt  (.ps)

These shall all be shortly moved to belegost docs CVS.
I'd appreciate any feedback on the AUP proposal.


 Michael J. Freedman

Email: mfreed@mit.edu
Web:  griffen.mit.edu
Phone:   617.225.9381