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[freehaven-dev] (FWD) Invitation for IEEE Internet Computing article

I believe we have decided against submitting an article here, since we
don't have time for it. (Feel free to contact Peter and let him know
you're interested. :)


----- Forwarded message from Peter Yianilos <pny@netrics.com> -----

From: "Peter Yianilos" <pny@netrics.com>
To: <arma@MIT.EDU>
Subject: Invitation for IEEE Internet Computing article
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 13:22:40 -0500

As guest editor of an upcoming issue of IEEE Internet Computing
“Distributed Data Storage on the Net,” I'm writing to invite your group to
submit an article.

See http://www.computer.org/internet/call4ppr.htm

The published March 1 deadline is fast approaching, so please don't hesitate
to contact me for more information.  Could I ask that you respond in any
event to confirm your interest?

I think this issue will represent an important forum for research and
implementations in the area and hope you'll consider making a submission.

All papers are subject to peer review, and guidelines for potential authors
are available online at http://computer.org/internet/edguide.htm.


Peter Yianilos

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