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Re: [freehaven-dev] intro draft

On Fri, 28 Jan 2000, Roger R Dingledine wrote:

> such as the Church of Scientology's lawsuit against foo or the more recent

Julf Helsingus .  check www.penet.fi for a press release : 

> \item The system must support privacy of data [i need a better term]:
> popularity of a document should not influence its duration in the servnet.
> This decision should be left entirely to the publisher of the document;
> by joining the system, servnet nodes agree to host data from other nodes
> in a `content-blind' manner. [this description needs help]

Maybe _start_ by saying "The system is content-neutral. By this we
mean..." and then make the point about popularity not being a factor, and
how nodes agree to accept data possibly against their operator's

> \item The system must provide (accountability?): the amount of
> damage that a compromised or otherwise `evil' node can perform should be
> limited.

accountability sounds more like cleaning up after the damage an 
evil node has done, and tying the damage to a specific node. Does
"robustness" fit the notion of limiting damage from evil nodes?

Then you could add "accountability" (or "audit capability" or
"verifiability" ) as the criterion which says even that limited
damage gets tied back to the evil node.