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[freehaven-dev] Physical meeting Sunday 2pm

As I hinted a couple weeks ago, we're going to have one of our old
meeting style meetings again this Sunday at 2pm. I'll send out more
details later on.

The main goal is to talk to Alan about the overall goals for Red Rover,
and get a better sense of which types of solutions will work and which
won't (and why).

My hope for the meeting is to simplify his current requirements as much
as possible and come up with a design that is extremely simple; and if
we can't do that, have a good idea of what obstacles are in the way of
doing that.

We will also talk some about how much time people have available for
this over the next term (hopefully greenie and gerald will be there
and participating). David also mentioned that he will be there. So yes,
we will have critical mass. :)