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[freehaven-dev] RfC: "Practical Traffic Analysis" (draft)

"Practical Traffic Analysis: Extending and Resisting Statistical

Nick Mathewson, Roger Dingledine


We extend earlier research on mounting and resisting passive long-term
end-to-end traffic analysis attacks against anonymous message systems by
describing how an eavesdropper can learn sender-receiver connections even
when the substrate is a network of pool mixes, the attacker is non-global,
and senders have complex behavior including generating padding messages.
Additionally, we describe how an attacker can use extra information about
message distinguishability to speed the attack. Finally, we simulate our
attacks for a variety of scenarios, focusing on the amount of information
needed to link senders to their recipients.

We'll be submitting it early this coming week, but we're happy to get
feedback after that as well.