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[freehaven-dev] [Fwd: New distributed file sharing system...]

"Benjamin M. Brewer" wrote to cypherpunks:
> http://www.csuglab.cornell.edu/Info/People/jcr13/HardenedCriminal/konspire/
> konspire.html
> ------------------
> Seems like other people (than the freenet gnutella projects) are also
> interested in their file-sharing freedom. This one is a little bit
> different in the following ways:
> 1. Based on java. This makes it _very_ 'portable' but it must be rather
> slow... Current java implementations are pretty sad as far as speed goes.
> 2. The client and the server are seperate. Although this service is a
> free-standing network within the 'internet', the person installing the
> software has the ability to install the server (to share files) or to NOT
> install the server, and subsequantly just leech files off of the
> network. Although this it is a different approach, I prefer the way that
> gnutella does this: If you limit inbound connections to -1, no one can
> connect to you, and thus you are not a 'server' for the network. Thus, if
> at a later date, you for example get a cable modem, or another high-speed
> network connection, you do not need to install more software to share
> files - just change a simple value within the currently installed
> software.
> Interesting? Perhaps.

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