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[freehaven-dev] Symptomatic Filesystem (SFS)

This is something my roommate (Graydon Hoare - who's also working here)
wrote up...

I haven't read over the whole thing yet (too much other reading to do
first -- inundation time! -- but thought I might as well pass on.


SFS is a novel design for a simplified, distributed filesystem with high
reliability and security. It is not necessarily the fastest or most
easily administered filesystem (from the point of view of conventional,
centralized control of resources), but it may serve a useful role in
many wide area applications such as publishing, file sharing, archival,
and multi-user collaboration. I would like to see a sort of volunteer
"distributed.net of filesystems" arise from people's spare hard disk
space, for instance. Whether SFS scales down to the size of a single
workgroup or cluster remains to be seen in implementation. 

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