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[freehaven-dev] terminology question "anonymous systems"

I'm finding myself in need of a phrase to refer to Free Haven, Freenet,
Gnutella, and the other related work. Since we have said that we're
anonymous storage, and Freenet is anonymous publication, I need something
general enough to apply to both. 

I was thinking of the phrase "anonymous systems", loosely defined as
designs/implementations which provide anonymity of some kind. The analogy
of course is with the term "systems" as currently used. 

My concern is that this is too vague - for instance, if I want to talk
about "design choices common to a number of anonymous systems" when I want
to talk about how content-neutrality is a choice that Free Haven made one
way, and Freenet made another, and some other system could make yet
another way, will this be confusing?