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Re: (FWD) Re: [freehaven-dev] 'The Economics of Anonymity' draftready

Hey Roger,
   Haven't spoken to you in quite a while.  How goes it?  Are you and 
Nick still Reputation?  Are you still and occasional neighbor?

   Are you at all interested in the burgeoning Cyber-attack-from-Osama 
issue?  I see dollar signs every time I think about it... but I have 
to admit that most of it will be biz stuff, no real research.  There 
might be money, though, to actually fund (and therefore realize) some 
projects that have thusfar been only theoretical.

   The other thing that caught my eye, recently, that made me think of 
you, was Palladium:  The evil empire's attempt to turn their past 
vulnerabilities into a heavy-handed excuse for cutting off anyone 
else's access to commerce.  Pretty wild.