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[freehaven-dev] Why Unpublishing Is Not Allowed

I'd like to argue that unpublishing/modification should be allowed.
> Consider the argument from this angle: a request for unpublishing
> will either be authenticated or unauthenticated.
> If the request is authenticated, then clearly the original publisher
> has kept some identifying features from when he published the document,
> in order to present them now as authentication. Similarly, the share
> itself must have some mechanism for verifying the authentication. Both
> of these imply an unacceptable loss of anonymity for both the publisher
> and the share itself.
I would argue that the risk is for the publisher to take -- if he/she so
chooses.  Assuming that unpub/mod requests *are* authenticated; assume
further that this is done by digitally signing the document (or it's shares).
If I wish true anonymity, I can simply use a throw-away key -- and do just
that, throw it away after publication.  If however, I decide to take the risk --
which isn't that risky if I keep all my document keys encrypted -- then I can
present the requisite credentials to remove/alter the document.