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[freehaven-dev] Found library with Rabin IDA and more!

Just came across this. Anyone heard of it before? Sound like, well,
*exactly* what we want. Modulo the C++ anyway.

and it even includes a zero-knowledge proof for graph isomorphism!


Crypto10 is a cryptographic C++ library for MSDOS, Windows NT, and Unix.
It supports MD5, SHS, DES, IDEA, WAKE, RC4, RC5, Blowfish, Diamond, Diamond Lite,
Sapphire, Luby-Rackoff, MDC, various modes, Diffie-Hellman, RSA, DSA, ElGamal, BBS, gzip
compression, Shamir's secret sharing scheme, Rabin's information dispersal  
scheme, and zero-knowledge prover and verifier for graph isomorphism. 
There are also various miscellaneous modules such as base 64 coding and
       32-bit CRC. DOS, NT, UNIX