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[freehaven-dev] comm status report

Short summary : Did nothing substantial during the week; comm is 
	        where it was last Sunday. 

Outlook :       It is now my spring break. Crew practice is my only
		other major commitment right now. I have some minor
		commitments, like writing and revising articles.

Status :
		* Information dispersal works : run
		/home/freehaven/IDA/cryptest for details

		* Mixmaster 2.9b works

		* Code has been sketched for comm. These 
		sketches have been committed to CVS. 

		Still to do :

		- fix communication with haven
		- look at arma's parser interface and use it
		in send.c to create a command line for mixmaster
		- write code in receive.c to poll for new messages
		- write database code
		- write stats-gathering module