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[freehaven-dev] Comm module update

This is just your FYI update...

I added some things to the CVS Repository tonight:

1.  The NodeDB (nodedb.c) is fairly completely implemented.

2.  The broadcast functionality is there, it goes through all nodes in the
db  and dispatches the sharefile message to the send() function to be sent
out through the mixnet.

3.  The send function is grabbing the necessary info (PK, mixnet type,
address).  The send() function requires an separate implementation
depending on mixnet type (i.e., mixmaster, ZKS, etc.)  This still required

4.  Makefile added.

5.  Various other things like some functional/file cleanup, prototype and
comm headers, etc.

Everything is, of course, untested :)


  Michael J Freedman

Mail:  mfreed@mit.edu
Web:     griffen.mit.edu
Phone:    617.225.9381