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Re: [freehaven-dev] Tarzan Logo

On Mon, Mar 12, 2001 at 12:32:54PM -0500, Felipe Bergo wrote:
> http://moria.mit.edu/~bergo/tarzan2a.png
> http://moria.mit.edu/~bergo/tarzan2b.png

Neat. I like it.

(What happened to his head? :)

> > it would be nice if someone could send me a logo for Tarzan when you 
> > have one, so I can add a topic for it on infoanarchy.org.

I think we're still a long way from wanting to make the Tarzan design
(or even intent) public. We may still change our mind on the design, or
even change our mind about having time to make it actually work.

Bringing people to read about it now (and post questions which we already
know the answer to, etc) is a poor idea, and will just waste our time.

But down the road, yeah, we can let people know what we're up to.

Thanks for asking first, Erik. :)